What Does a Certified Arborist Do?

What is a Certified Arborist and Why Do You Need One?

A professional arborist is a person who has worked in the professional tree care industry for at least three years and passed the examinations of arboriculture. International Society of arboriculture has been providing the certificates since the 1980s.

The services provided by an arborist include taking care of trees, land and lot clearing, keeping trees in shape by pruning and trimming.

You may need to hire a certified arborist when you find that you need to remove a hazardous tree but it will be risky for you to attempt do it because the task requires a lot of effort and skill.

Below are a few situations in which you need to hire a certified arborist.

When you have large trees in urban areas

You can try to prune it and remove some large branches yourself if the branches are low enough. But if the tree is large, you need professional help. Certified arborists have experiences doing these activities and they can do these things in a professional way.

Your trees require pruning

Depending on the types of your trees, you should prune them once over 1-3 years. Several factors will determine the necessity of pruning. Those factors include growth, water and the extent of your tree’s vulnerability to diseases. A certified arborist knows how to prune your trees for optimal growth.

The task is hazardous

You will find removing trees very hazardous if the tree is close to power lines. Certified arborists know how to deal with the hazards of tree removal. If there are power lines near the tree, do not try to do it yourself. Pruning trees in risky areas is a job of qualified arborists.

You make contributions to a cleaner future

Apart from providing with fruits, shade and wood, trees make the environment clean. Investing in the health and growth of trees is the task of an environmentally conscious person. If you hire a professional arborist who can really take care of trees, you actually make a significant contribution to making the future cleaner.

You love trees but don’t know what trees to plant

Professional arborists know which species are suitable for you house. If you talk to a certified arborist, he can help you choose the perfect species. Finding the best place to plant the tree is another important thing. An arborist can tell you where to plant the tree and why.


A certified arborist can help you reap the benefits provided by trees. Hiring arborists is a really good decision because they can keep us and our trees free from harm. Hiring a certified arborist, you can make sure that those important tasks are performed professionally.

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